Dry cleaning bags

dry cleaning bags

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Personalized with your Store Name or Logo, polythene suit covers offer the most inexpensive and long lasting form of advertising you can possibly use. Because customers continue using them for storage and travel purposes, your Store Name stays in the mind and public eye. And their smart neat appearance enhances your Store's fashion image and prestige. In every way, personalized polythene laundry bags are the modern merchandising aid for today's fashion retailer.

So, if you need a specific size, thickness, colour or print, please write or call to our major suppliers who will give your inquiry immediate and personal attention, helping you to get the answers you need right..

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What are laundry bags?

'laundry bags' are the most economical way to protect your garment during storage or transit. Usually made out using ultra thin polythene with hanger hole and shaped shoulder. It is highly popular among dry cleaners/laundry companies. Laundry and Duvet bags are also used for the same purpose.

How laundry bags are made?

The most common way to produce 'laundry bags' is by blown film extrusion, also called the 'tubular film process' using super strong Linear Low Density Polyethylene. Usually with preslit hanger hole, contoured shoulder shape to fit standard hangers, and generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. They are perforated bags on a roll or individually packed in a box. These bags are designed for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning industry to cover slacks, suits, dresses and other clothing.


DOfind out if your curbside recycling program will accept plastic bags. If not, many of your local department and grocery stores are now collecting used plastic bags for recycling.

DON’Trecycle the wrong type of plastic bags. Most programs only accept type 2 – HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bags and type 4 – LDPE & LLDPE (Low & Linear Low Density Polyethylene) bags.

DOcheck with your recycler before adding other types of plastic film. While some programs do recycle used dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, and pallet wrap, many are still only accepting type 2 and type 4 plastic bags.

DON’Trecycle bags that are in any way contaminated. Bags that have been in direct contact with food or other organic matter are not accepted. Additionally, bags with added features such as zippers, drawstrings, rigid handles, etc. are not recyclable. And make sure that all bags to be recycled are completely empty, clean and dry…even small amounts of contaminants will ruin the recycling process.

Select the right size laundry bags for your need

Sr No. Length of laundry bags Suggested Application
1. 30" long
2. 38" long Suits/Shirts
3. 54" long Dresses
4. 72" long Coats/Gown

Options for laundry bags or Laundry Film

There are variety of choices when it comes to laundry bags. So, we hope to fill you in with all possible options to narrow your selection and help you find the right laundry bags for your requirement.


  • Low density polythene (LDPE)
  • Linear low density polythene (LLDPE)
  • High density polythene (HDPE)
  • Recycled polythene
  • Degradable polythene
  • Biodegradable polythene


  • Light/Tint coloured
  • Opaque coloured
  • Clear

Plain or printed 'laundry bags'

  • Plain
  • Printed in 1 colour
  • Printed in 2 colour
  • Printed in 3 colour

Folding/Packing options

  • Individually cut covers - Single covers
  • Gussetted
  • Perforated on roll